Our Story

"sometimes it's as simple as knowing where the product comes from;
under what conditions it was made; and how long it can last"

our story has been slow-cooking for over a decade. over a decade of witnessing and trying to understand the anguish and ambition of artisans. our journey officially started in 2013; when our founder quit her job and just left to live with women groups located in a remote valley of the higher Himalayas through the winter months. The idea was to immerse in the environment of the artisans and generate a way of work that truly was for the benefit of the artisan.

this endeavor led to being invited by various other communities to do the same. and that’s it…that’s our simple journey. and universe permitting; we will keep on connecting with remotely (border) located communities.

the designer

i don’t think we can move forward with rigid philosophies anymore, the world is changing so fast and the impact of our actions is so visible that we need to stop and think before acting.

after graduating from design school (NIFT) and having worked with various design houses and studios I found my soul in the world of artisans and since then have been working with remote artisans for the upliftment of craft and community.

i believe in stories more than commodities and hope to share the purity of creation with you

plus I love conversations, so please feel free to contact and connect!!

let’s TOGETHER change the dialogue of fashion to make it inclusive, holistic, and real!

"design; to me; is a meditative response to our natural environment and it's changing needs"

our core belief is connecting with Artisans as people and not work(wo)men.

the story doesn’t end here; as we understand that the world we live in is constantly changing. and so is the impact of our consumption on the environment. for the love of future generations; we decided to adopt regenerative concepts of upcycling and re-purposing. we believe that working with eco-friendly and/or long-lasting materials is the only way fashion can move forward.

the idea

we are a vector collective of ideas, people & action for aesthetic, qualitative, and value improvement in people, systems,s, and the product. 

to us – confident & equitable development (is) for the improvement of marginalized lives (and it) means an inquisitive, evocative, innovative, and most importantly, inspiring effort. action and learning along with the people in the remote, excluded, and living in totally non-glamourized realities is something we strive for. 

we believe, an environmental, scientific, and social(ethnographic) approach – continuously evolving and adapting to the changing micro-contexts, can be the driver for informed choices, collective action, and responsible growth. 

How we work

we travel. we connect. we collaborate.

our hope

to evolve into a nationwide link of (remotely located) artisan groups through education and exposure, taking their stories and crafts to wider channels. A link that allows them 

access to current market information

to share resources with and add value to neighboring communities’ products.

creating a united craft community, that is able to make well-informed decisions for the future of their products and the returns the products bring.

“earning independently, and channelising the returns for the growth of the community; whether in healthcare, education or connectivity, as felt by community “