Our style is reflected in the purity of material and comfort of shape. We believe that luxury doesn’t need to shout; it’s more of a detail. 

Our cotton are handloom; community-sourced and/or industry surplus. We don’t use blended fabrics that have polyester; even when we source industry surplus we make sure it’s artisanal and pure.
Our satin-silks are at least 40- 60 years old; repurposed into zero-waste garments.

Vintage Collection

classic revivial

Celebrate our vintage weaves full of history and tradition; well-loved brocades, silks, and satins styled into timeless kimonos and kaftans. they are exclusively one piece each and the unique fabrics are at least 40- 60 years old so we hope you are lenient with the imperfections of time and wear. they have been sourced through our immense community network ..
upcycled Collection

reclaimed material

Our absolute favorite line; collecting and purchasing waste of the handloom industry; repurposing it artfully into new products that are not only exclusive but also tools of expression. these products will bring you immense satisfaction of actively reducing the land-fills
community Collection

slow process

Our love for travelling to communities and collecting stories through textile gave way to our slow collections. the textiles and processes are carefully curated by connecting with groups of powerful women artisans
Knots in India

collaborate with us !

collaboration is our mantra; not competition.

if you are creative and want to develop something special with us;  please reach out! we will find the right craft and curate our journey together